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Here at Angels Day Care in Belfast, we are a professional, friendly and fully-qualified centre providing a home-from-home atmosphere for your child. For a comprehensive list of the different rooms we provide as part of our kids' childcare in Belfast, please see below:

Bambinos from 6 weeks

At Angels, our Bambino room is dedicated to babies from 6 weeks old who embark on their first adventure outside the home. We strive to meet their individual needs and encourage progression through play. Our Bambino room has a separate cot room with an infra red CCTV camera to observe children while they sleep. Physical, Emotional, rest and nutritional needs are catered for each child as an individual.

Cherubs from 11months–24 months.
At Angels, our Cherubs room is dedicated to children from 11 months-24 months who are at the crawling stage or have just begun to make their first steps. The Cherubs room is equipped with all your child needs to allow them to gain confidence through playing and developing their curiosity and desire to become more independent. The Cherubs room has its own changing area and sleep mats to allow young children to nap as required

Toddlers from 2-3 years

Toddlers will have the opportunity to interact in activities such as wet and dry play, games, crafts and other activities to stimulate creativity and imagination. Toddlers have their own changing area and tiny toilets for Toddlers ready to begin toilet training. Toddlers will enjoy walks and outside play and we have quiet areas to relax in. Toddlers have their own sleep mats for a nap time after lunch and for those that no longer nap quiet activities can be set up at the far end of the large room.

Pre-school from 3-5 years
Pre school children will not only have similar fun activities as Toddlers but will enjoy a more structured day in keeping with the 6 areas of learning, in preparation for the oncoming school day. Our staff will design a curriculum based routine with input from the children to suit each individuals needs and capabilities. At the end of the Pre school year Angels will hold a graduation ceremony for those children leaving us to begin their next adventure in primary education.

The above ages are approximate for children to move to the next room, each child will be observed individually before the transition. We will work closely with the child's parents when it comes to the moving period. The children will “visit” the room over a few weeks before they are due to move to ease the transition and ensure the child is confident and happy when they move on.

Routines and curriculum.
At Angels Daycare we prepare monthly, flexible routines using- 

For under 3 years old, 4 areas of learning-
1. Personal, sociable and emotional
2. Language
3. Arts
4. Physical

For 3 years old and over, 6 areas of learning-
1. Personal, sociable and emotional
2. Early Maths
3. Language
4. Arts
5. The world around us
6. Physical
Learning is through the play that we plan and that which happens spontaneously through the day so it is taught holistically.

Information for parents-
Childrens parents are their first educator and know their child best. We want parents and carers to feel welcome at Angels and be able to actively participate in the planning and delivery of services to their children. 

We aim to do this by-

Having a Facebook page for parents to view.

Ensuring good communication between staff and parents-staff should consult and seek guidance from parents/carers when planning and implementing child care practices.

Ensuring parents have the opportunities to review their childs progress regularly through the  childrens daily information books/sheets, general feedback in person and/or on the phone, through staff observations and yearly progress reports.

Ensure parents/carers are informed about and given copies of policies, procedures and guidelines of Angels Daycare.

Informing parents/carers of ongoing themes and events within the daycare by sending out a newsletter for the month ahead.

Offering the opportunity to participate in curriculum, festivals and nursery events, such as, Pre schools graduation, the yearly Christmas party and monthly Jo Jingles sessions.

Parents are welcome to meet with and chat to staff / other parents if needed, to discuss relevant issues or concerns.

Child Protection and Safeguarding at Angels Daycare.
In order to protect the children attending the nursery from abuse and in order to protect
staff and students from false allegations, it is paramount to operate and adhere to Angels Child Protection and Safeguarding policy.

CCTV cameras have been installed in the daycare for the protection of both the children and adults.

Our staff are carefully selected, trained and supervised. All staff and students must be fully vetted by Access NI and Belfast Health and Social Care Trust before they take up their positions with Angels Daycare.

It is our policy to safeguard the welfare of all children and adults by creating a safe environment which is free from any type of abuse-physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect or emotional abuse and where any suspicion of abuse is dealt with promptly and appropriately.

Angels complies with Belfast Health and Social Care Trusts standards on Child protection and Safeguarding and we have 3 appointed and trained designated officers for child protection and safeguarding to deal with child protection issues 24 hours a day if needed.

All staff must be basic child protection and safeguarding trained and it is managements duty to continuously promote our policy and procedures with our staff ,students and parents so everyone is aware of procedures and where to seek help should they have concerns.


The best way to experience what Angels Daycare can offer your children is to visit with us and view the facilties where you can see the day care in action and ask any questions you may have.

Please feel free to contact us to arrange an appointment on 028 90 777171 or through email at or

We look forward to your call

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